Updated as of Feb 05, 2023

Adam DrawardAll204-952-782510/10/2021
Andrew BlairAll204-218-118610/10/2021
Blake ZamrykutAll204-223-229810/10/2021
Constantin AgorakisAll204-509-659810/10/2021
Daniel Wenham1-4“NEW” After Feb 22236-505-419505/02/2023
Devan Lambert1-2“NEW”204-588-876904/11/2021
Donavin FalkAll204-918-498910/10/2022
Etien VenneAll“NEW”416-567-236120/12/2021
George WaiAll204-999-684810/10/2021
Jamie PuffaltAll204-250-820910/10/2021
Jon Boville3-8“NEW”204-918-050222/01/2022
Julian Bertrand1-4204-805-360210/10/2021
Ken Smith3-7“NEW”204-229-784110/08/2022
Kevin BrassAll204-803-147710/10/2021
Kevin BrassWeekends preferred24 hour notice
Randy CannonAll204-298-652710/10/2021
Roberto PereiraAll204-509-563810/10/2021
Ryan Borys3-6“NEW”204-803-970819/02/2023
Tim HuthAll“NEW”204-799-317215/05/2022
Tim HuthShort notice is okif not already playing
Ted at RENT A GOALIEAll204-479-841610/10/2021

Our goal at WCHL is to ensure that every game is played, and that no one has to default because they were not able to find a goalie or equipment to use. To ensure that the listed goaltenders will help out when needed, we will continually update this list and ensure phone numbers & e-mails do work. This list is provided by the WCHL as a courtesy to our teams and the individual goalie. Issues of no shows, ability and cost are between the team and the goalie. If teams do have issues of a goalie not showing up please let us know. Goalies listed above are in no way paying the League any sort of membership fee